Hi everybody out there in the whole wide world. This is the greatest site you can ever find on mixtures. We are just a regular group of 3 people with one fifth grader and two fourth graders. We go to the best school you can find, Palmer Way. Although, we did make the best website on earth about every single thing about mixtures. You should really check out our astonishing pages. The best site you can observe is the reflections page. It shows what needs to be improved in our group, what went well, and what needs to be done differently. You should check out our Glogster page which is fantastic too. It shows these Glogsters all about seperating mixtures, solutions, heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures and on mixtures itself. We also have an outline page, a video page, a research page, a writing page, a vocab page, an info page, a FAQ page, and an images page. The FAQ’s page shows frequently asked questions, while the games page has games on mixtures. The vocab page shows the vocabulary words related to our subject, while the info page shows tons of info that we found on the internet. The video page shows fun videos that we found on you tube like the mixtures song. The research page shows all the info we found on the internet and wrote in our own words. Finally, the outline page shows the outline we did on Webspiration. Well, be sure to leave comments, check out all our links, all our videos, our images and our endless resource on mixtures. Be sure to subscribe so any new update or post we make to our site will be sent to you. Remember, we update new things everyday so be sure to check out our site on a regular bases.


One Response to “About”

  1. Palmerway Collusion Group Says:

    I like how you really told about your blog on your about page, because this will engage people to look at your pages, and I know they’re going to learn something.

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